Research interests: Economic Theory,  (International) Macroeconomics, Growth Theory
  • Financial markets and macroeconomics
  • Economic growth and globalization
  • Tools: General equilibrium models with heterogeneous agents and financial frictions; OLG models; Optimal growth models

Peer-review publications

    Journal articles
  1. Asset bubbles and efficiency in a generalized two-sector model” (with Stefano Bosi and Cuong Le Van), Mathematical Social Sciences, vol. 88, p. 37–48 (2017).
    • Published version (free download until July 18, 2017); Working paper version (PDF)
  2. “Should the host country invest in a new industry?” (with  Thanh Tam Nguyen-Huu), Revue Economique, forthcoming.
    • Working paper version (PDF) and final version (PDF)
  3. Intertemporal equilibrium with financial asset and physical capital” (with Cuong Le Van), Economic Theory, vol. 62, p. 155-199 (2016).
    •  Working paper version (PDF)
  4.  Taxation, bubbles and endogenous growth” (with Stefano Bosi), Economics Letters, vol. 143, p. 73-76, (2016).
    • Working paper version (PDF).
  5. The Effects of Oil Price Shocks in a New-Keynesian Framework with Capital Accumulation” (with V. Acurio-Vasconez., G. Giraud and F. Mc Isaac)Energy Policy, vol. 86, p. 844–854, (2015).
    • Working paper version (PDF) and Appendix (PDF)
  6. Nonsmooth optimization over the (weakly or properly) Pareto set of a linear-quadratic multi-objectivecontrol problem: Explicit optimality conditions” (with Henri Bonnel), Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization, vol. 7, No. 4, p. 789-809, (2011).

Book chapter

  1. Rational land and housing bubbles in infinite-horizon economies (with Stefano Bosi and Cuong Le Van), in: K. Nishimura, A. Venditti and N. Yannelis (eds), “Sunspots and Non-Linear Dynamics – Essays in honor of Jean-Michel Grandmont“,  Series “Studies in Economic Theory“, Springer-Verlag (2016).
    • Working paper version (PDF)

Working papers
  1. Intertemporal equilibrium with heterogeneous agents, endogenous dividends and collateral constraints.  (with Stefano Bosi and Cuong Le Van), revised and resubmitted.
    • (revised version, with uncertainty and incomplete markets)
  2. Financial bubbles and capital accumulation in altruistic economies (with S. Bosi, C. Le Van, T. Ha-Huy, C-T. Pham), revised and resubmitted.
  3. Dividend taxation in an infinite-horizon general equilibrium model.
  4. Assets with possibly negative dividends.
  5. Economic growth and escaping the poverty trap: how does development aid work? (with T.K.C. Pham)
Research in Progress (Papers available upon request)
  1. “Credit market, corruption, and economic growth”
  2. “Strategic bankruptcy in general equilibrium” (with C. Saglam)
  3. “FDI spillovers in an endogenous growth model” (with T.T. Nguyen-Huu)

Conference and workshop talks
06/2013:    XXII European Workshop on General Equilibrium Theory, University of Vienna, Austria
06/2013:    General Equilibrium Days, University of York, England
06/2013:    Financial Regulation and Systemic Risk, FEBS/ LabEx-ReFi (Paris, France)
06/2013:    Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting (Hue, Viet Nam)
07/2013:   13th SAET Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory  (Paris, France)
06/2014:    General Equilibrium Days, University of York
07/2014:   XXIII European Workshop on General Equilibrium Theory, University of Paris I, PSE (Paris, France)
02/2015:    ADRES 2015, University of Paris I, PSE (Paris, France)
03/2015:    Royal Economic Society Conference, (Manchester, England)
06/2015:    Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting (Thai Nguyen, Viet Nam)
07/2015:    PET 2015 Conference (Luxembourg)
08/2015:    Econometric Society World Congress (Montreal, Canada)
09/2015:    Sustainability workshop (Strasbourg, France)
11/2015:    UECE Lisbon Meetings in Game Theory and Applications 2015 (Lisbon, Portugal)
07/2016:    SAET 2016 (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
07/2016:    PET 2016 (FGV, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
08/2016:    Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting VEAM 2016 (Da Nang, Viet Nam)
12/2016:    European Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society (Edinburgh, Scotland)
05/2017:    Workshop “Economic Growth, Macroeconomic Dynamics and Agents’ Heterogeneity” (St. Petersburg)
06/2017:    66th Annual Meeting of the French Economic Association (Nice)
06/2017:    SAET 2017 (Faro)
07/2017:    PET 2017 (U. Paris 2)