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Economic journals


  • Some researchers
Development economics

Abhijit BanerjeeBoyan Jovanovic (occupational choices)


Peter A. Diamond
Chris Pissarides

General equilibrium

New monetarist, search equilibrium

International economics

Climate, energy: William D. Nordhaus John Hassler and  Per Krusell  ,  David Hemous,

Climate change: some courses, IPCC,

Public economics

Philosophy, social capital
Partha Sarathi Dasgupta
Armatia Sen
Joseph E. Stiglitz

John Roemer (in)equality

Game, machanism design, network


Nicholas Bloom (uncertainty)
Kiminori Matsuyama, breaking asymmetry

Lawrence Christiano
Michael Woodford
Pierpaolo  Benigno
Eric M. Leeper  (fiscal theory)
Andrei Shleifer
Survival Lawrence Blume and David Easley
Thomas J. Sargent. Nobel  2011
Chris Sims, Nobel 2011,
Iván WerningManaging a Liquidity Trap: Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Robert M. Townsend
Roger Guesnerie
George Evans
John B. Taylor
Guido Lorenzoni
Xavier Gabaix
Markus Brunnermeier
Yuliy Sannikov
Paul Krugman, Nobel prize 2008
Jose A. Scheinkman : risk price dynamics, liquidity.
Carmen Reinhart
Ellen R. McGrattan and Edward E. Prescott : They develop a multicountry general equilibrium model with an essential role for FDI … for example Technology capital  and the  U.S. current account 

Money, Finance

William Greene