1. Aggregate Economy Data
    2. Country-Specific Macro data
    3. Cultural and Social Norms and Values, Faith and Religion
    4. Human Capital (i): Formal Education/Schooling
    5. Human Capital (ii): Health & Subjective Well-being
    6. Human Capital (iii): Labour & Demography
    7. Poverty
    8. Migration (incl Tourism and Forced Displacement/Trafficking) and Remittances
    9. Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Privatisation and Business Environment
    10. Macro Stability, Business Cycles, Banking, Finance and Financial Crises
    11. Social security, Public Expenditure, Taxes and the State
    12. Infrastructure and logistics
    13. Geography, GIS, Climate & Environment
    14. Energy and Natural Resources
    15. Innovation, Patents, R&D and Intangible Capital
    16. Political Economy (i): law, institutions and governance
    17. Political Economy (ii): conflict, legacy of conflict, terrorism and weapons
    18. Drugs and Money Laundering
    19. Inequality
    20. Sectoral Data (i): Agriculture
    21. Sectoral Data (ii): Manufacturing
    22. Sectoral Data (iii): Services
    23. Trade Flows, Trade Protection/Policy and Globalisation
    24. Investment Flows, including Foreign Aid and Foreign Direct Investment
    25. Historical Data (pre-1900)

Financial development:

Capital flows